Pink Ladies Embroidered Blouse

Pink Ladies Embroidered Blouse
Pink Ladies Embroidered Blouse


Pink Ladies Embroidered Blouse Outfit.
Skirt is 100% Cotton
Waist Relaxed 26"
Stretches to 36"
Plus Sizes: 36" - 46" 
27" Long
Small Sizes: Waist Relaxed 20"
Stretches to 26" 
Outfit comes with:
*Black Chiffon Scarf 
*Pink Ladies Embroidered Blouse
*3/4 Sleeve or Standard Sleve
*Black Cinch Belt
*Poodle Skirt

Blouse Size Chart:
XS: Chest 32"-34" 
SM: Chest 34"-36"
MD: Chest 36-39" 
LG: Chest 39"-41" 
XL: Chest 41"-43" "
2XL: Chest 43"-46" 
3XL: Chest 46"-52"
4XL: Chest 52"-56"
Cinch Belt Size Chart:
XS: 23" - 28"
SM: 27" - 32" 
MD: 32" - 37"
LG: 34" - 39" 
XL: 37" - 42" 

*If you do not know what size to order, specify your measurements in the comments section of the order.  We will need your waist (around your navel) and leg length from your navel to mid-calf in inches. PLEASE CALL US TOLL FREE AT 1-866-796-5639 for questions on sizing.

The main fashion for young women and teenage girls of the 1950s, most notably 1955 was the poodle skirt.  The poodle skirt was a wide swing skirt usually made of felt worn with layers of petticoats underneath and a cardigan top.  It was a circular skirt sometimes worn with a cinch belt.  The name “poodle” came from the embellishment of a poodle appliqué on the skirt.  Animals like flamingos or other objects such as ice cream were also embellished onto the skirt.  This fad only lasted a few years but is remembered today in movies such as “Grease.”

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